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        S1200BTLR Server Overview

        Our S1200BTLR Server is a general-purpose server designed specifically for small- and medium-sized business applications including web servers, file and print servers, e-mail servers, storage servers, and vertical-specific business applications. It features maximum upgradeability enabling it to scale to the specific needs of your business.

        The included Intel® Server Board S1200BTLR provides server-class performance without sacrificing cost-effectiveness or reliability to support the success of a workgroup, department, or small- to medium-sized business.

        Key Server Features

        • ECS Advanced 3-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
        • Supports Microsoft Windows 2012 Server Operating System Family
        • Supports Intel® Xeon® processor E3 1200 and E3 1200 v2 product family (including lower power Processors)
        • Highly-scalable DDR3 memory (up to four DIMMs)
        • Highly-flexible network and storage configurations
        • Hot-Swappable RAID Canister with Hard Drive Status LEDs
        • E-mail-based Server Status Notifications
        • Efficient & Low Power Design
        • Extended Manufacturer Warranty on various components*

        *See www.jiupeng.tw/warranty for additional information.

        Technical Information

        Additional information about the S1200BTLR server is available below. Please click on the document that you wish to view.

        • ECS S1200BTLR Server Base Specifications
        • Upgrade Options
        • Internal/External Port Guide